Ivey – You da f’cking best

Perhaps the best thing that could happen to poker, Ivey in the November 9. A shot to legitimize the game…it’s more than just luck. He’s a lot mysterious, and certainly regarded as the best to play the game. A fearless, rich, degen…who only wants one thing: to win.  For the guy that crushes the highest stakes games, and will play anyone, at any game, at any time…I’d say him winning this tournament would certainly help make poker perceived as more of a skill game.

I can’t wait to see how high he starts playing at the craps table. He might just break Vegas.  The headlines will read: Ivey wins $1B playing craps at the Wynn – steve wynn transfers ownership….or something like that.  

It was funny to hear when Ivey was asked by reporters: How will you deal with the oncoming media storm?  Ivey: I’m going to change my cell number and leave the country.  (Pause, followed by awkward reporter laughter)  Ivey: I’m serious.

Where’s Ivey?


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