2009 World Series of Poker Schedule

The complete schedule can be found here

but I thought I’d highlight some interesting stuff:

First big buy-in – $40k No Limit event #2 on 5/28 – this is a good way for the ‘real players’ to start off the WSOP, and to generate some excitement around the circus as most likely it will be a star studded final table.

Economic Stimulus Event – $1k No Limit  Event #4 on 5/30- No Rebuy – Event #3 – cheapest way into the WSOP this year…

First 6 Handed Event – $1500 No Limit, Event #9 on 6/3 – these are fun, action packed, crap shooty but fun.

Cheaper HORSE Event – $3000 HORSE, Event #21 on 6/9 – HORSE is fun, lots of people don’t know how to play all the games so, but this is the slightly higher of the cheaper buyins so perhaps this field is a little smarter…

Heads Up Championship – $10,000 HU, Event #29 on 6/13  – nothing more needs to be said…

Shootout Event – $5,000 NL – 1000 people Max, Event #41 on 6/21 – win 2 sng’s make a wsop final table…

50k HORSE Championship – Event #49, 6/29 – $50k – big names, fun thing to watch

Main Event – $10k Obviously, Event #57 – circus circus on 6/3……


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