Smart Ways to Clear a Poker Bonus

Collecting a free poker bonus is only the beginning of the story. Once you’ve made your deposit and inputted the bonus code, you’ve got to clear that bonus to get the money into your account. To clear the bonus you have to get points, and to get points, you have to play raked hands or tournaments. The bigger your bonus, the more you’ll have to play to earn the bonus. Here are some smart ways to go about clearing that bonus.

If You Play Cash, Play Cash

Players earn points from tournament play based solely on the entry fee of the tournament. It doesn’t matter how many hands you play or how long you are in the tournament. For this reason, earning enough points to clear an online poker bonus exclusively through tournament play can take an inordinately long time. With cash games, on the other hand, every raked hand you play usually earns you at least one point, depending on the stakes you play at, and you can play a lot of hands in a short period of time. If you play tournaments exclusively, there’s not much you can do, but if you can focus on cash games for awhile, you’ll clear that bonus much faster.

Don’t Experiment
Some people feel that clearing a bonus is a good opportunity to experiment with higher stakes or new games. This is true AFTER the bonus is cleared. While you are clearing the bonus, however, you should try to stay in your comfort zone. If you go broke, you’ll have to deposit more money to clear the bonus, and if that does not fit into your bankroll management schedule, you could have a problem.

Check Your Status

Many on line poker sites make it relatively easy to check your status. Feel free to frequently visit the status page to see just how close you are to claiming that elusive bonus. This is also a good opportunity to make note of how much time you have left to clear the bonus. Sites often offer several months to complete a bonus clearing, but if you miss the deadline, the bonus is gone.


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