Arrest that Man (again)

Shepard Fairey – of iconic Obey fame – was arrested in connection with some street tagging before his Boston opening of ‘Supply and Demand’ (his new book) and an art exhibit covering his last 20 years…

Two warrants were issued for Fairey on Jan. 24 after police determined he’d tagged property in two locations with graffiti based on the Andre the Giant street art campaign from his early career. He’s been arrested a bunch for similar infractions, so nothing really new here except for the fact that in our post-obama world (due to his ‘hope’ poster) he’s now becoming a larger than life celebrity in the contemporary art world.

The guy has been much criticized as a thief and a plagarist, and maybe on some level he was – but that can be a funny thing about art – it tends to be circular in it’s nature – drawing from inspirations and influences around your own sphere.

Keep on tagging in the free world.


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