Poker for the Holidays and Future Predictions

Merry Christmas to all the Degens out there…

A few things have happened in the poker world lately, that deserve an honorable mention:

Chino Rheem takes down the Bellagio $15k Five Diamond.  Good for him.  As he’s said in a few interviews when asked what to do about various annoyances… ‘now that I got money….’  Well GL Chino, don’t go spending it all in one place.  How’s he get his hat to stay on like that? 

Ultimate Bet is still rigged – Phil Hellmuth was pushed a pot with 1 pair vs. the other guy with trips in a 200/400NL game.  Nice christmas bonus Phil.

PokerRoad is still cool – The most recent poker road radio show, Mr. Sebok missed 2 of 5ish episodes due to various debaucheries…and Ali started talking about ‘what’s next’ for his career…just to do a little gossip starting…What are the odds the PRR crew endures through all on 2009?  

Advertising spending is down across all industries – the casino, gaming, and vegas hotel industries are all hurting (unless your Stars or Tilt in which case you are just laughing at your bank account continuing to magically grow).  Pokerroad is a ad supported business…whatever….09 is gonna be tough on a lot of businesses.  I think they do make some of the best media product out there, but it does require a lot of energy to do so, and if you are not being compensated properly, at the end of the day, enthusiasm will wain.  Vegas is going busto, along with everyone else.

Poker in 2009 – online will continue to grow, satellites will happen more often, games will continue to get tougher, live games will shrink, and poker rooms will go out of business as casinos lose their patience and replace them with one of two things – 1. automated poker tables or 2. slot machines.

PROP in 09 – you will have to wait and see – but there are a variety of stealth projects in the works – mostly consisting of extremely limited production type products.  Watch out.  For now, go snowboarding, get outside, and do something fun.

Merry christmas, happy new year.  See you in 09.


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