Spoiler Alert – Heads up at Main Event

The two most aggressive players at the final table have made it to the final two.  If you don’t want to know who they are stop reading now.


Peter Eastgate and Ivan Demidov make the historic heads up battle interesting to watch from a technical standpoint.  Danes vs Russia.  80 mil in chips v. 60 mil in chips.  Lots of play, and two players that you can watch to actually learn a thing or two from.  I would have liked to see Chino make it heads up, because he really seems to have a solid game, but these two guys will battle it out for sure.

Ivan Demidov was all in vs. Chino before the final table with 9’s v 10’s – and four flushed it ftw.  But he seems to have the respect of the ‘name pros’ and why not – he made the final table of the WSOPE main event as well.  Beast mode!  He pushes his stack around, and definitely plays to win.  

Eastgate – when 10 handed, opens AK, gets flatted by late position, then Marquis goes bonkers and ships it with AQ – Eastgate made a disciplined lay down preflop – made the final 9, and played solid aggressive poker, while winning most flips, and making huge hands to knock people out.  Running good is fun.

I hope Eastgate wins, as it would make him the youngest main event winner, and thereby taking that claim away from Hellmuth.  GLGLGLGL.


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