Chopping my lips?


Watch Day 3 coverage of the 2008 WSOP ME. One of the funnier things I’ve heard in awhile, when Johnny Chan opens the pot for a standard raise with KK from early position, some monkey over shoves 20bb with 10/8o…weeeeeee.

Then after busting said monkey, Mr. Chan says and I quote “I was chopping my lips.”

How does one go about chopping lips?

I believe the expression he was looking for was ‘licking my chops’.

From the it means:
to be eager to do something that you think will be satisfying or pleasant. Their team was so much better than ours that when they played us, they were just licking their chops.

Etymology: based on the literal meaning of lick your chops (equals: to lick your lips when thinking of something good to eat)

Grammar lesson done. One.


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