Hard Rock Poker Lounge

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino just off the strip in Las Vegas has recently ‘soft’ opened their new poker room.  It’s basically a night club lounge atmosphere.  And from what we can tell, looks pretty cool.  I’ve always like the Hard Rock but have found myself wandering to other properties during debauchery due to the fact there was no place to play poker…

The soft open last thursday (8/21) gave players their first look at the brand-new room, which boasts a full bar, private VIP rooms, and 18 tables spread out over 7,000 square feet.

“I consider the soft-opening a great success, as we set a new standard in the world of poker,” said Mark Gore, casino general manager. “The stakes just got raised.”

The idea of the Poker Lounge is a unique one, mixing a club atmosphere with a professional and efficiently run poker room. Not only does the lounge have music, but it also offers bottle service. Private parties and games can be run in one of the lounge’s VIP rooms. Despite the enormous amount of work put toward providing a party environment, even more attention has been focused on offering poker the way players want it.

“The Hard Rock Poker Lounge philosophy is that we welcome any action,” said Poker Lounge Manager Houston Waldie. “We will spread any game our players want, and we will have knowledgeable staff to be able to do that.”


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