Get Excited Much?

I feel like becoming an excellent poker player (and a variety of other professions like day trading, golfer, customer service rep, et al) you have a mode in which you suppress your emotions.  Nothing gets to you – at least on the outside.  Look at Ivey.  When was the last time you saw him wince, or get really happy during a fortunate moment at the table.  You don’t.  And that definitely seems to be a trend.  Look at Durr.  He is the most laid back cat you can imagine – perhaps he throws monkey fits in his room alone, but I doubt it. Yeah you might be stuck $1M and winning this tourney for $600k only sort of helps, but getting stuck $1M in the first place requires a slight bit of insanity and emotional withdrawal.  I guess it speaks to what’s so dangerous about addiction, you can never quite get that same high after the first go.  Maybe its all the prozac, I dunno….someday I hope to have this level of excitement again:


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