Crazy Ass Baseball Fans

So PROP went out to do a little promo at the SF Giants game on Saturday.  It was cool because they were playing the A’s so there was some extra added drunken tension in the stadium, and there were organized pre and post parties to help the good times roll.  I think we saw about 1 inning of the game, but somehow I managed to get beraided by a security guard, two SFPD enforcers, a rowdy bunch of giants fans who mistook me for an A’s fan, and a drunken A’s fan who was a large scary meat head.  Luckily escaped without incident.  Lesson learned: don’t lose the group during drunken trek toward the seats.

The girls did a good job promoting the brand through a highly competitive whiffle ball game in the parking lot pre party – sponsored by rockstar energy, and dj’d by sam isaac.

Here’s some photos:


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