Prostitution – a victimless crime?


I heard on the radio this morning that prostitution is ‘a victimless crime’…and I think it’s an interesting discussion point.

Certainly the two immediate participants (i.e. Spitzer and his escort, or more generally whoever) are not victims.  One person is willingly paying upwards of $4k for a good time, the other is willingly accepting the $4k an hour to provide a good time.  On it’s surface, it appears to be a perfectly legit transaction.

No doubt there are questions of morality at this point, but it is not up to the provider of the service (i.e. the escort) to impart judgement.  She is merely filling a need in the marketplace.  The buyer in this case bears the burden of judgement.  Let’s say the person is a socially awkward computer geek recluse, who is rather successful financially, but has not been able to find a woman who will date him.  In this case, is it wrong for him to pay for a ‘girlfriend like experience’?  However, if you are a married man, with children, and you choose to participate in this transaction….is it wrong then?  Most people would probably say yes, and that is because they are weighing in on their morality, the sanctatity of marriage, religious implications, right v. wrong, whatever…

So who ultimately is the victim?  The wife and kids?  Just the kids?  Some would argue the wife can play a role in the husbands interests wandering…perhaps she is neglictful at home, doesn’t understand her husbands needs, or just has a completely disfunctional relationship.  If the wife is aware of such behavior, but is willing to look the other way due to her need to maintain her current lifestyle, then is she still a victim?

Clearly there are a lot of grey areas – In spitzer’s case – he was a very public official, who happened to be very outspoken on prostitution rings, so he got what he deserved for being two faced.  Historically, since the caveman days, and throughout the animal kingdom, monagamy among males is rare.  But, many would argue that’s what makes modern civilization special, justifies the sanctatity of marriage, I don’t know…

Obviously there is a big market for these services out there, anyone who has walked around the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas @ 3am will testify to the large supply of woman looking to provide aforementioned experience.

At the end of the day….does the government have a say in all of this?  Should it be illegal?  If so, on what grounds?  Since our democracy is supposed to operate within a separation of church and state how can you impart a religious morality into the legislation?


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