The Big Apple – What to do?

PROP @ 59th

The city that never sleeps is truly a unique place.  I just got back from a little siesta over there and we had a great time.  Thing’s I recommend:

– Walk around Central Park, get a hotdog from the seediest cart you can find, and if it’s cold a hot chocolate from one of the main stands they have.

– Shop in Soho – lots of great style there.  Go to Union – buy something from the Hundreds (or go to LA and buy it there)

– Eat a cupcake in Greenwich Village – I don’t know what the big deal is, a cupcake is a cupcake to me, but girls seem to like ’em – Magnolia Bakery – at least they were playing Bob Marley while I stood in line for an hour.

– Get some culture in the Lower East Side – learn about immigration and some history @ the Tenament Museum.

– Guggenheim or Met

– Go to the Top of the Rock and give a shout out to Kanye, then go ice skating down below in Rockefellar Center.

– Eat Mac ‘n Cheese @ Supermac in Chelsea – Buffalo’s Revenge – tasty

– Place PROP Stickers everywhere

– Eat dinner @ 41 Greenwich – small and fun with reasonably priced food that was delicious.

We stayed at ‘6 Columbus’ in Columbus Circle – a nice boutique hotel, kind of expensive, but modern/cool.  Only complaint would be the somewhat noisy opening/closing of doors on our floor (especially in the morning). 


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