Your girlfriend hates poker

Guess what? Your gf hates poker, and is starting to hate you.

You aren’t alone. Lots of poker players have to deal with this. “I think you have a problem..” crap. Chances are, you do have a problem. Lol. That what makes poker such a sick game.

Those that recognize the problem have three choices:

1.try to become a winning player by playing often and studying the game but spending copious amounts of your bankroll on flowers, dinners, make up sex (or pull a Chad Brown and date a cute pro – but this is not recommended as these volatile relationships have as much of a chance for success as Will winning at the Baccarat Table @ the Wynn).

2.realize you just aren’t going to be the next Phil Ivey and keep it casual, playing when your gf isn’t around, keeping the stakes smaller and less stressful, or

3. destroy your relationships and lose all your money in the process, becoming broke and depressed working at McD’s thinking about what could have been…Whatever you do don’t do #3.

Most of us fall somewhere around #2 (in terms of poker potential). Be honest with yourself. Poker is a game. If you are good, get better. If you’re donk – embrace it and keep it casual. Weeeeeeee.


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