Hoodies for Homeless – Part 1

We wabbit huntin….

Just a quick update on our Hoodies for Homeless Giveaway in San Francisco: 

Finding ‘qualified homeless people is hard’ – The plan has been to give 25 hoodies, to 25 homeless people, for the 25 days of Christmas.  The reason for this was not to be overly sympathetic or charitable to the homeless, but rather gain a little perspective into what it is like to not have a home and how they got in the situation to begin with. 

Since only 25 hoodies were going to be given away, Matt decided there had to be a few qualifications… 1. No cracked out folks (for two reasons, personal safety, and the lack of ability to have a conversation).  2.  No groups of people (to avoid some people in the group feelling left out).

This makes finding 25 homeless people, slightly more difficult, especially in the allotted time of 2 days.  Factor in 85% of homeless people have a mental illness, then you add in the SF weather, downpour for 1/2 of one day, and you have an incomplete giveaway…

Matt had to jet off to NY for the holidays, so the rest of the work will get done in January as belated gifts.

In part 2 of the story, we’ll go into some detail on the stories these people have, along with add a few pics of the adventure…stay tuned.


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