High Stakes Swings

From the highstakesdb.com:

We’ve had alot of action in November and  the player who gave us most action was Gus Hansen. He started the month down about $500k but he managed to come back, he won almost $2 million in just a week and his totalt results for the month was +$1,3 million

We didn’t have so much Texas NL action this month, we had some insane sessions with the player Tie53, he had some sick swings, was down about a million but then he won a couple of sessions so his total loss was “only” -$340k on the sessions we monitored. The winners on Texas NL on FTP was Genius38 (+$354k) and Trex313 (+$299)

Still pretty calm on the prima network in November, but it’s always some good action on the $50/100 tables and copi_rules (+$234) and kriga (+$173k) was the winner on the sessions we monitored.

We had alot of action on $25/50 and $50/100 on Ladbrokes this month and we had another danish player in the top. Pokergirl1 won $247k and most of this money was on $25/50.


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