Power to the Poachers!

So, I’ve spent the majority of my life snowboarding…I remember the days when snowboarding wasn’t allowed most places.  It was certainly discriminatory, and in my opinion, one of the few things (outside of it being easy to learn, and insanely fun) that helped propel the sports growth.  Doing something that is ‘outlawed’ is fun, risky, edgy, punk rock, whatever.  Poker is kinda like that, a bit counter culture, certainly more liberal than conservative…I digress.

Burton has a cool promotion going on right now for people to publish videos of themselves ‘poaching’ the few remaining resorts that don’t allow snowboarding.  The site claims four resorts, although I don’t think they are including all the private resorts out there…

Win $5k…go break some rules, and then film it: http://www.burton.com/poachers/Default.aspx




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