Poker Tip – The Rut

Sometimes when you’re grinding away, at whatever limit you are playing, you develop some bad habits.  We call this ‘the Rut’.

It’s kinda like working out, when you do the same exercises over and over, the same routine, your body stops getting stronger – it has gotten used to the activity.

Poker is the same.  To grow as a poker player, you need to challenge yourself.  That doesn’t necessarily playing higher limits.  You could ‘choose’ to sit OOP (out of position) on the aggro-big stack at your table, you could ‘choose’ to instead of giving up to re-raises preflop to three bet them. 

Take a close look at your game.  What are your habits and tendancies?

Negreanu had a post on his blog awhile back about playing like a ‘maniac’ for fun and practice, playing everyhand at a table.  While this is certainly short term -EV, it can be helpful and getting you into some different situations, and grow your game, which would be long term +EV.

 So, get out of ‘the Rut’ and start improving again.


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