Poker Tip: Table Selection

One of the best ways to maximize your ROI (return on investment….) in poker is to sit at a table in which you have an advantage.  Sounds easy right?  Well… it is pretty easy.

Keep a few things in mind:

-try to identify the ‘real’ players at the table – they will have at least the maximium buyin at the table, most of the time will be well over that.

– if possible, have the big stacks to your right.  you want to have the advantage of acting after them the majority of the time.  So, if you sit down and a guy with 5 buyins is on your direct left it would probably be best to find a new table.

– tables with a high % of plrs/flop = weak and fishy.  playing a tight aggressive/position based game will be most effective.  just don’t forget to punish the limpers and raise it up!  It’s easy to fall into the trap of limping along because of ‘pot odds’.  Well F that.  Apply pressure.

– tables with high average pot sizes = highly active – generally players overplaying hands here.  Look for a good spot to hit the flop hard (two pair, flush, st8 draws) and you should get paid off nicely. 

Always play a level where you can buyin for the max.  Players that do not buyin for the max are usually weak, tilted, bad, playing above their roll, etc.  Don’t try and get too tricky with them, but maintain an aggressive solid style against them.

 Hopefully these few tips will help you pick better games, and therefore make more money.  Cheers!


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