Greg Raymer wins WCOOP #6 on Poker Stars.

The big guy with the dinosaur glasses did it again, and won a World Championship of Online Poker Event #6, the pot limit omahi w/rebuys event on Poker Stars.  There was no report if he actually wore the glasses during the event.

Apparently when the two final players, Raymer and the chip leader O.Mustang, made it heads up they tried to negotiate a chip deal.  While the terms of the attempted deal are not available, all we know is no deal was struck.  O.Mustang ended up refusing the ‘unfair’ deal, and also ended up taking second.  Oh well, gg.

Other results and cashes:

1. Greg ‘FossilMan’ Raymer $168,362.40
2. O.Mustang $97,022.40
3. MrSmits $64,919.40
4. rutasasha $49,938.00
5. -db- $40,663.80
6. PlayaAAK8 $32,103.00
7. Rsa87 $23,542.20
8. Rage Of Fury $15,694.80
9. Oswaldo $9,274.20


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