Poker Tip of the Day

When they check… bet!

Yeah yeah, I know this sounds like rocket science to a lot of you, but…This is especially useful in late position.  You’ll find that most games will consist of a majority of relatively straightforward players, who when they check – don’t have much outside of a weak drawing hands.  When they check to you on the turn again – guess what?  – bet again!

I know this seems stupid and trivial, but evaluate your current game – are you following this fundamental principle?  Sometimes, after playing thousands of hands, or going through a couple losing sessions – bad habits can creep in, and we avoid this play for fear of the check-raise…

Can you do this all the time? Yes. If you find yourself getting played back at a lot, then it is time to adjust the style…but more often than not – this will work – some tables are tougher than others, some sites are tougher than others – and you will get played back at from time to time.  If it is happening consistenly you have two choices: a – kick it up another notch like emeril – maintaining pressure in the hand  – and re-raising – just make sure that this is against an opponent capable of playing back at you, as well as capable of folding a premium hand.  or b: find a new table, with softer, easier fish.



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