Matt busts 323rd in $1k on Full Tilt

Never seemed to get anything going in this tourney.  Folded QQ to K/J/8/x board early on, never saw KK or AA, played solid but couldn’t get hands to even gamble with.

After the second break, a table change found Matt @ a monster table, with the chip leader and three very active players all around 15k in chips.  Pokergodzeus was the chip leader @ 35k, moderate70, slytony, and rdcrsn all were playing solid agressive poker w/about 15k.  Matt only had 3500 in chips and found himself wittled down to about 1800…when slytony made in 688 to go with a/3s during 120/240 25ante level.  Matt pushed preflop allin with a/8o, ace of clubs….flop q/6/k all clubs, lookin good, turn a blank nine, river a red queen for a chopped pot. 

Two hands later on button, with A/Ks, chip leader raised to 840 in late position with a/jo, Matt pushed again – doubles up to about 4k…a few rounds later @ 140/280 25ante, 4/8s with 3200 in chips, looking to steal bb who was at 10k, pushed all in preflop in late position, get called outta sb by slytony with a/ko…busto 323rd out of approx 1300.  Eh, gg.


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